Lawn Spraying

Expert Lawn and Shrub Spraying in Brunswick, Savannah GA, Hilton Head SC and Surrounding Area

Complete Spraying Services

Protect your property with professional spraying services from Scientific Turf Inc. We use a wide array of chemicals, such as fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides to ensure that all grass and other plant material on your property are healthy and lush.

Our trained technicians can customize a program that caters to the unique needs of your landscape. Contact our Brunswick, Savannah, or Bluffton locations today if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a service.

Reliable Lawn Treatments

Throughout the Savannah and Brunswick, GA and Bluffton, SC areas, lawn spraying and treatment are essential to keeping your property healthy. At Scientific Turf Inc, lawn treatments are an essential part of our affordable spraying program. You can rest assured that your residential or commercial property will be properly taken care of throughout the year.

When you let our expert technicians correctly perform professional spraying and treatment services, you're encouraging the overall health of your lawn.

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Weeds

In order to effectively control weeds throughout your property, a deep knowledge of common weed types is required. Look to the experienced lawn care professionals at Scientific Turf Inc for help! We'll assess your soil and climate, which both contribute to weed proliferation, before spraying.

Once we know exactly what we should be combating, we can spray the most appropriate products. Our lawn care associates are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and can apply a wide range of substances that are designed to effectively promote weed and lawn disease control.
Lawn spraying

Get Rid of Lawn Pests

Insects are a natural part of any lawn. However, some insects contribute to the deterioration of a lawn. Count on the licensed spray technicians at Scientific Turf Inc to detect which types of pests are plaguing your property, and design a customized spray treatment plan to eradicate these pests while promoting the overall health of your lawn.
Lawn spraying

Customized Spraying Solutions

The best weed and pest spray treatments vary for every lawn we treat since the state of each lawn is different. We'll walk throughout your property and assess the condition of your lawn. Then, we can mix up a customized blend of chemicals that addresses all the specific needs of your property. Call us at 912-262-9828 to get started.
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